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Useful Stuff by Ulti.Media:

BeatMark X

Automatic Music Beat Markers for Final Cut Pro X

Powerful Audio Cleanup per Podcasters and Interviewers

PODcleaner Pro

The professional version of PODcleaner, with indecision ("uhm") remover and multi-track syncing

A powerful tool to clean the audio track of your videos

FCPX AutoDuck

Automatic Audio Ducking for Final Cut Pro X

Reduce the size of the Final Cut Pro X Libraries before archiving.

Tool for replacing old versions of files, pretty useful for After Effects renders or App development artworks

The ultimate solution for podcast editing, post production and episode logging and handling

The ultimate counter for iPhone

Change text case in the upper bar

Date Up!

Easy, fast and cool file naming and versioning

Fast and *free* audio normalizer