Seek and Replace

A place for every file, and every file in its place.

Seek and Replace is a simple app that does only one thing (but it does it very well): it replaces files with new versions of them.

Select in Seek and Replace the folder where you want to search, and then drag the files you want to search into the app. Seek and Replace will replace all files with the same name in the search folder with the new version, matching them with the file name.

It’s a simple but effective tool for different types of workflow:
graphical assets for an app or video game;
render files (2D or 3D) for a video project;
project documents;
new versions of retouched photographs…

In all the cases in which a file has to be replaced in the same position with a new version, Seek and Replace does its duty, going to search in all the subfolders of the search folder (even in the invisible ones if you want), and eventually backing up (with date and time of the replacement) the files that are replaced: in this way all the previous work is maintained.

Seek and Replace. does its dirty work. Quickly. And without forgetting a single file.

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