FCPX Diet, the application that reduces the size of the Final Cut Pro X libraries to archive them effectively.

FCPX Diet is designed specifically for archiving Final Cut Pro X projects once you have finished working on them.

Just drag and drop the Final Cut Pro X project file, the one with the extension .fcpbundle into the FCPX Diet window… and voila, all useless and redundant files will be deleted!

FCPX Diet deletes 4 types of files:

Render Files: High quality intermediate files of projects and timelines are not required for archiving and Final Cut Pro X automatically recreates them when you reopen the project;

Original Media: Final Cut Pro X provides that the original files, the sources, are imported and/or ingested, who has these files however saved somewhere can safely delete them

Transcoded Media: High and low quality intermediate files are not needed for archiving: Final Cut Pro X automatically recreates them when you reopen the project;

Analysis Files: The files generated by Final Cut Pro X for slow and stabilization: these too can be recreated later

If you are not sure if you have the Original Files in your Hard Drive, then also select the checkbox Archive Externally: a folder will be created in the same folder of the project with these files, for more safety

Once FCPX Diet has finished (don’t worry, it won’t take more than a few seconds) it will also tell you how much space has been saved.

FCPX Diet is a utility as small as it is comfortable: and it is always available to make space.

FCPX Diet, like all other Ulti.Media applications, is constantly updated and incremental updates are FREE for all those who bought it.

Try FCPX Diet for seven days for FREE: the trial version is 100% functional so you can get an idea, and if you like the application itself will show you how to make the purchase, easy, convenient and fast.

Buy FCPX Diet for only € 2.49: a perpetual license that includes all updates

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