Ulti.Media is proud to present the new version of BeatMark X, the acclaimed application that allows you to generate timed music markers to be used in Final Cut Pro X.

The new version pushes the potential of BeatMark X even higher, taking the workflow to a whole new level!

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BeatMark 2 requires macOS 10.13+ and Final Cut Pro X 10.4+


Using BeatMark 2 to Edit and Shorten a Music to be Used in Final Cut Pro X

How does it work?

Simple: drag the file with the song in the “Drag Here Music File” area, then press “BeatMark”: the application will analyze the audio file and generate the markers.

At the end just press continue and an FCPXML file will be generated in the same folder where the original audio file was. Drag this FCPXML file to Final Cut Pro X, and you’re done!

What’s new?

If you’ve already used BeatMark X (version 1) this won’t seem like anything new, but the potential of BeatMark 2 and the new user interface take your workflow to new levels, allowing you to be even more accurate and save even more time!

Song Analysis

The preferences panel allows you to specify which algorithm to use for the analysis (the MS algorithm is the most suitable for songs that have a constant rhythm, but for less conventional songs you can choose to use the Peak Filter algorithm).

You can also choose to identify the moments in the audio when there is speech to get a clear reference with markers of the silent parts and the parts where there is someone talking.

For music markers, there is a new control panel that allows you to specify how to round the time of the marker to the previous or next frame.

Marker management after analysis

But it’s just after having made the analysis of the song that the potential of BeatMark 2 shows the real innovation: once the analysis is finished, this new window is presented showing the timeline of the song with the markers too, in all similar to the timeline of Final Cut Pro X:

In this window, not only can you listen to the song and see the markers, but you can also perform operations with them, so you can speed up the workflow even more once the song is imported into Final Cut Pro X.

Selecting this option allows you to highlight markers at the first beat of certain time signatures, in 3/4 or 4/4.

Once you have selected the time signature you just have to click on the first beat that you want to indicate as the starting moment, automatically all beats will be highlighted (every 3 or every 4 beats), and these markers will be highlighted in the same way in the timeline of Final Cut Pro X.

But there is more: if you activate the “Suggest cut every four loops” option, BeatMark 2 will assume a loop of four beats (in 3/4 or 4/4) and will highlight this marker in the timeline with another color.

This is very convenient because these points are the ones where, normally, by making a cut, you can shorten the duration of the music while maintaining the sense of the music and continuity in both rhythm and harmony.

Cut and delete

In fact one of the greatest potential of BeatMark 2 is the possibility to cut the music directly inside the app, all the cuts and changes will be exactly the same inside Final Cut Pro X.
There are these two new icons that allow you to make cuts (the blade in Final Cut Pro X), and delete a clip.

If you’ve selected the option to display the markers every four cycles, making two cuts at these highlighted markers, selecting the clip between them and finally deleting it, you’ll get a timeline with the shortest music, and a precise cut.

Export options

BeatMark 2 allows you to export even just the clip without creating a new timeline (a project in Final Cut Pro X): the clip will show all the markers within an event, and this clip can be used in all projects in the Final Cut pro X library.

If you choose to create a timeline instead, you can also select the option to create Placeholders: a Placeholder at each marker, this way the clip replacement will be even faster within Final Cut Pro X for an even more effective workflow.

Try BeatMark 2 Before Buy

BeatMark 2 requires macOS 10.13+ and Final Cut Pro X 10.4.x and 10.5.x.
Final Cut Pro 10.6 not yet supported

Upgrade program

BeatMark is available starting 2 February 2020.

Upgrade price (from previous version): € 7.99.

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