FCP Video Tag Tutorial 01: First Steps

In this first tutorial we’ll see how FCP Video Tag works, the basics of the user interface and how to set up audio transcription settings.

FCP Video Tag Tutorial 02: Analyzing Audio Files

In this tutorial we see how to perform audio analysis (video interviews, speech, dialogues, …) to derive keywords.

We also see how to manage the large amount of keywords that are found, how to filter them and how to teach FCP Video Tag to ignore irrelevant tags with the Tag Manager and the Audio Tags control window.

FCP Video Tag Tutorial 03: Text Recognition

In this tutorial, let’s find out how FCP Video Tag analyzes video and image frames for text, writing, even handwriting.

We also see how to set up movie scanning without limiting it to a certain number of frames.

FCP Video Tag Tutorial 04: Triggers

In this tutorial we see how to set up FCP Video Tag triggers.

Triggers allow you to mark a keyword in such a way that even if it is pronounced only once in an audio file or in the audio track of a video, even a very long one, it is highlighted and is not filtered by the minimum number of occurrences.

FCP Video Tag Tutorial 05: Keyword generators

In this tutorial we see how to build generators, which are one of the most powerful features of FCP Video Tag.

Generators generate keywords from other keywords or combinations of them.

They are perfect for building semantically richer content from simple basic analytics.