Hi, my name is Alex Raccuglia, in high school and university I studied computer science, but when I started working, in my first job, I specialized in multimedia software development.

Just in this small software house, at the end of the 90s, the demand for audiovisual productions, animated and live shot, had become so important that at a certain point my first job had become director, editor, animator.

Let’s say that it’s since 1999 that the work of video is what takes me most of the time, and what also defines me.

But I never stopped programming, in most cases I developed small tools, little applications that help me in production, to speed up my workflow and make it more efficient.

10 years ago I started making podcasts, I’m a member and founding partner of Runtime, a podcast network here in Italy. And also as far as audio is concerned, I have developed several applications that allow me to speed up my post production work and improve the quality of the recording.

In 2017 I founded a very small company, Ulti.Media, to market these applications, utilities for video editing and audio processing.

And here we are: Ulti.Media is not a conventional software house, but it’s the extension of my arm, the generalization of my workflows, my very personal and questionable opinion on how to produce things.

It’s a small software house, but to me it’s a lot of stuff…

(Alex Raccuglia)

My (not updated) video reel: