The powerful text expander, programmable, multimedial and with automation functions.

Snip: Text Expander

Snip is a text expander

Wherever you are, in whatever app you are working, Snip recognizes keyboard abbreviations and expands text.

Snip is programmable

Define fields and values that are filled “on the fly” when expanding.

Snip manages text repositories

Snip manages text repositories

Snip allows Snippets to be categorized.

Snip is multimedial

Prepare images that can be pasted on the fly with key combinations in chats or e-mails, play sounds on command.

Snip is a Launcher

By typing just a few letters you can quickly launch applications or open documents inside apps.

Snip lets you work faster!

With a few keystrokes on the keyboard then expand complex and even dynamic texts that you can “fill in on the fly”!

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Snip has a price set at €9.99, but for the launch period the price, exceptionally, will be €4.99!

Text Repository

If there are texts, information, data that you need to have at your fingertips at all times and you don’t want to run the risk of making typos, Snip allows you to keep large amounts and number of texts in your archive, searchable and divided into categories.

There will be no more risk of mistyping an e-mail address, a phone number, a quote, etc.

But it’s also useful for “petty” communication: you can keep the emoji or web addresses you use most frequently close at hand.

Snip is also perfect for code snippets, for programmers, for text to be included in a quote, headers, addresses, disclaimers…

You can create as many categories as you want and in each category create as many Snippets as you like.

You can sort the categories and Snippets within the category with the arrow icon.

Text expander

But the most outstanding thing is that you can call up all these texts on the fly, from any other application, simply by going to specify a keyboard shortcut.

For example, your e-mail: just create a new Snippet with your address and associate now the shortcut “@@”.

At this point, whenever you have to type your e-mail, in any other program, be it the e-mail application, a chat, a Word document, all you have to do is type @@ and instead, your address will appear.

No more searching for emoji: just create a shortcut, and even on the computer it will be so easy to express your mood!

Dynamic fields

In the texts you can also specify particular keywords and assign fields to them.

This way when you call up the Snippet with the key combination, a window will appear asking you what actual value to assign to these fields.

If, for example, all your e-mails begin with a sentence and the name of the recipient, with this very simple programming feature, when you expand the e-mail header, Snip will ask you for the name of the person to whom this e-mail is addressed.

Clipboard content

In addition to dynamic fields, it is also possible to enter fields that are automatically filled with the contents of the clipboard itself.

The clipboard content can also be changed, with capitalization.

Date and time

Another field that can be entered is the date and time, which is expanded by specifying formatting as well.


In addition to text, Snip can also expand images.

You can prepare images, animated GIFs, art work that are automatically copied and pasted to the clipboard.

Then you can quickly paste the image with the keyboard shortcut: instead of expanding the text, the image will be pasted.


You can prepare as many sound effects as you want; they will be played simply by typing the shortcut text.

This works even when you are not inside a text field or in a text document: just type the few letters of the shortcut, and the sound effect will be played, still keeping the Snip app in the background.


Similarly, anywhere, in any application, even in the Finder, by typing the keyboard shortcut, you can launch an application or open a document.


Snip is an application that “listens” to the keys you press on your keyboard.

At any instant you can see in the upper right corner the contents of the cache where the string being analyzed is: if one of the keyboard shortcuts is typed in this string, the related Snippet is activated.

Of course, all keystrokes that are typed remain on your computer, there is no sending of data to any server, and this also applies to all Snippets.

You can also be sure that Snip does not intercept your passwords because all text fields that are identified as such do not allow interception by external applications.

As with all other text expanders, Snip asks the user’s permission to intercept keyboard keys in the system preferences.

System Requirements

Snip requires a Macintosh computer with an Intel or Apple Silicon processor and macOS 11 or higher operating system.

Try Snip

Snip has a price set at €9.99, but for the launch period the price, exceptionally, will be €4.99!