PODucer is a new concept application for audio editing and episode management, designed exclusively for the creation of podcasts and serial radio broadcasts with a single strong goal: to make the post-production as fast and efficient as possible.

Creating podcasts or radio programs is a lot of fun, the research part is interesting, the recording is often exciting, but when you go to the editing of the episode you end up spending a lot of time and resources in trying to optimize the time and assets needed.

PODucer is the innovative solution and the answer to these problems!

For podcast and radio shows

PODucer is designed for serial production, so the first window you come across is this, the one that allows us to view all the episodes, the date of creation, modification and publication, as well as the status.

You can also add a custom image for each episode.

Innovative and fast editing

But it’s in the edit screen that PODucer’s true potential comes to the surface: in this single space you’ll find all the elements and features that allow you to quickly, effectively and productively edit each individual episode.

Focus on the speaker’s track

This is the editing timeline, it might seem that it works like any other editing and audio production program, but it has a peculiarity: it provides the presence of a main track (the speech for example) while music, and sound effects are “attached” to it.

In a way very similar to Final Cut Pro X, the main track “controls” all the others.

Sound effects, music and secondary spoken audio assets always remains anchored at the point where it was inserted.

Smart assets manager

At the top there are two boxes containing the assets, and it is here that PODucer expresses its great potential in terms of serial production: the assets common to all episodes are on the left, while those relating to the single episode are on the right.

Common Assets

In this box are placed all the audio contributions that are common to all episodes of the show: jingle, sound effects, background music, advertising, each type of contribution is identified with a color code.

Once you upload an asset in the window of the common assets, this will be present and available for all the episodes, there will be no more need to go and look for it in the folders of the computer: it will always be here at your disposal!

Episode Assets

In this box on the right instead are loaded audio contributions related to the single episode, often they are spoken audio, but it can be loaded any type of contribution (jingle, ads, sound effects, songs, background music, …).

Editing is very easy: just drag the asset from one of the two windows into the timeline:

PODucer continuously saves all operations, every 30 seconds: in this way you will never lose your work because it is automatically stored!

Asset metadata

Each asset can be examined in depth in this window where you can specify the nature of the audio itself:

  • Speech
  • Jingle
  • Sound effect
  • Music
  • Background music
  • Advertising

One volume to rule them all

You can change the global volume of an asset: by changing the volume this is modified throughout the episode.

Automatic music looping

Not only that, for the background music you can automatically set it to loop.

Automatic music editing and fadeout

Once you drag a background music into the timeline, it will adapt and become as long as the episode itself, or it will stop automatically, without needing to cut it, at a jingle , an advertising asset or another background music, with automatic fade out!

MP3 tags

For each episode you can set metadata: title, description, image, and these will be automatically saved as ID3 tags in the MP3 file that will be exported.

These metadata will be displayed by listeners as episode notes.

Volume Keyframes

There are also keyframes to change the volume for each individual asset.

In the timeline is very easy to cut, copy, paste and move assets

Show metadata

There is also a window that allows you to set additional information about the show, such as a default image, as well as information that will be added to each exported episode in the notes of the episode itself.

This screen is also a sort of summary that gives us some statistics about the show.

PODucer also includes PODcleaner: the powerful audio cleaning application of Ulti.Media, with which you can make clearer, louder and more effective the spoken contributions.

The PODcleaner engine is integrated directly into the app.

Download PODucer and try it for free in all its features for a week:

Buy PODucer for only € 49.99: a perpetual license that includes all updates

ON SALE: € 29.99 (40% and discount)

PODucer requires macOS 10.13 or later and is recommended with a screen resolution of 1200 × 800 pixels, and at least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended).