Automatic transcription and subtitles generator

Transcriber is the ultimate app to transcribe and generate subtitles in sync with the video.

Transcriber is a super easy-to-use app: just drag and drop the file to be transcribed, select the language, and press the “transcribe” button.

Transcriber’s great potential lies in the fact that the transcribed text can be easily edited while maintaining sync with the video.

Not only can the text and words be edited, but if a “split” is made, the time codes are regenerated so that the split sentence is still synchronized to the source video.

Transcriber, once the transcription is done, allows the export of the transcribed text, subtitles in SRT format and also direct sending to Final Cut Pro where it will create a timeline with the subtitled video, making use of the specified font and look.


Transcriber focuses very much on the user experience, so that the transcribed text can be easily edited, sentences split or merged, as if it were a text file.

The text is synchronized to the video, and the title being spoken is highlighted at all times, so that the flow is continuously followed, listening and reading together, to make the review phase as efficient as possible.

Tutorials and videos


Transcriber makes use of the OpenAI’s Whisper Large Model, probably the most accurate speech-to-text transcription model currently available on the market.

But unlike other “wrappers” of this model, it performs a file analysis to provide a more precise transcription with more accurate synchronization.

Transcriber works with video files in QuickTime or MPEG-4  format, audio files in Wave format, AIFF, MP3, MP4 audio.


You can customize transcription and subtitle generation by going to specify even whether to create new lines not only to the periods, explamation and question marks (“.”, “!”, “?”), but also to commas, colon and semicolon (“,”, “;”, “:”)

Transcriber allows you to specify the maximum length in characters per line and the maximum number of lines for subtitles, and highlights titles that exceed the limits with a signal.

Transcriber requires macOS 12 or later and on first launch installs the large model of OpenAI which takes up about 3 GB of space)

Transcriber will be available very soon.

Transcriber will be sold the “buy once” mode, there will be no option and subscription for the transcription feature.

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