FCPX Cut Finder


FCPX Cut Finder analyzes a movie and identifies cut and editing points, then sends the result to Final Cut Pro X.

Using FCPX Cut Finder is very simple: just drag the movie file you want to analyze to the window and press the “analyze” button.

Once the movie is analyzed, the cut points are identified and for more control you can view these edits in another window to decide, cut by cut, if there is really a discontinuity.

Once finished, press the “export” button: in the same folder of the source file an FCPXML file will be created which, imported in Final Cut Pro X, will show the cuts.

FCPX Cut Finder is a modern, fast, efficient and very powerful application, a real boost for those who need to analyze movies.

FCPX Cut Finder is currently in beta, you can download it and the trial will work for seven days.

It will be available for sale in early autumn 2020.

FCPX Cut Finder requires macOS 10.15 Catalina.