FCP Cut Finder

Find the Cut for Final Cut

FCP Cut Finder analyzes a movie and identifies cut and editing points, then sends the result to Final Cut Pro.

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Using FCP Cut Finder is very simple: just drag the movie file you want to analyze to the window and press the “analyze” button.

Once the movie is analyzed, the cut points are identified and for more control you can view these edits in another window to decide, cut by cut, if there is really a discontinuity.

Once finished, press the “export” button: in the same folder of the source file an FCPXML file will be created which, imported in Final Cut Pro X, will show the cuts.


Not only: FCP Cut Finder also allows you to specify a single and delimited area of the frame in which to perform the analysis, in this way it will be possible to find the cut points in narrower sections, for example when a projected movie is framed.

This is very useful in case you need to synchronize a series of slides on a conference video.

The edit points can be identified in Final Cut Pro with markers on the video asset…

… or in a timeline with the movie already cut.

The Technology

FCP Cut Finder uses a traditional algorithm that identifies the differences between two contiguous frames, but then the result is analyzed again by an innovative layer of artificial intelligence based on a Machine Learning model that identifies the semantic content of the frame itself.

The traditional systems that identify the cut-off points verify the changes in the zones of the frame in such a way as to see if two frames differ by exceeding a certain threshold.

This works very well for normal shots, but if there is a sudden change in brightness or the frame moves very quickly (such as during a pan to follow a moving subject) traditional algorithms erroneously identify these differences as a cut.

FCP Cut Finder, on the other hand, once the first pass has been made, makes a second analysis of consecutive frames by identifying the content itself, through the recognition of objects with artificial intelligence.

Even if there is a sudden change in the brightness of the framed subject or environment, or if there is a very marked movement of the frame, the content is semantically very similar from one frame to the next and therefore it is not mistakenly identified as a cut.

In & Out

You can also specify the input and output point for the analysis, highlighted at the bottom with these two icons with their respective timecodes, and on the timeline with a yellow box.

In this way you can restrict the analysis of the movie only to a certain time range, saving time and focusing the app’s attention only on that section.


FCP Cut Finder provides many possibilities to customize the settings to fully adapt to the type of video that needs to be analyzed.

But don’t worry: even with the default values you’ll still get the maximum result without any effort.

FCP Cut Finder is a modern, fast, efficient and very powerful application, a real boost for those who need to analyze movies.

FCP Cut Finder requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer.

Try FCP Cut Finder for free for 7 days

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