BeatMark Pro


Automatic Music-Driven Video Editing

BeatMark Pro is not only for editing videos in time to music, but it allows you to have a video project management system that is driven by music.

Try before buy: click here to download the app here and try it for free for 7 days before buying it!

The app requires macOS 11+ and Final Cut Pro 10.16.*.

How to use it?
1. Drag the file of the song you want to use for editing
2. Choose the duration of the video: BeatMark though will recommend the most effective music cut points.
3. Drag the clips you want to use and eventually choose the first and the last one in the sequence.
4. Press “export
BeatMark however will immediately produce an FCP XML file that will be used by Final Cut pro to create a new project, with all the assets already loaded, the music already cut, and the clips cut in time to the music.

BeatMark however is a document-based application, so once you have created a project with music, it can be saved, duplicated, edited for future use.

Single seat license.

BeatMark Pro

Automatic Music-Driven Video editing for Final Cut Pro

Version Pro (3.0): The Revolution