FCP SRT Importer 2

Import subtitles in SRT format as titles in Final Cut Pro

FCP SRT Importer 2

Final Cut Pro allows you to import SRT subtitles as caption in timeline.

However, you often need to import these subtitles so that they are displayed as real titles and can be edited in style, appearance and exported “hard printed” on the video.

FCP SRT Importer 2 does just that: just drag an SRT file with subtitles into the box (you can even specify the video file to be subtitled) and press the “Export FCPXML” button.

In the same folder as the original file an FCPXML file will be created which, imported in turn into Final Cut Pro, allows you to have the titles in a timeline.

These titles can then be copied and pasted into other projects, edited in style, font, geometry and so on…

Pressing the “Settings” button opens this control panel that allows you to set the font, size, baseline distance and the properties of the project that will be created in terms of resolution and frames per second.

If a video file is dragged and dropped, the project settings are inherited directly from its frame rate and resolution values.

New options in version 2.0:

Avoid Overlapping Files
If the SRT file has imperfect time values some subtitles may be displayed at the same time for some frames.
With this option there will be no more overlapping titles

Add Black Patch
If the original video already has hard-printed subtitles, this option will draw a black rectangle to cover them.

Split Lines
If some subtitles are too long, with this option you can automatically generate “wrap” lines when the head exceeds a certain number of characters.
And the words are not truncated.

FCP SRT Importer 2

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