Too Many Keywords?

When you work with keywords and automatic tags, especially in the case of keywords that are generated from audio, you immediately realize that, often, the tags are too many and not relevant.

The system of identification of tags starting from audio is initially not “polite” and produces uninteresting results, let’s take for example the following series of sentences (belonging to the lyrics of a particularly well-known song):

In a sentence like this the key words could probably be:

But the system initially recognizes a lot of extra words:

How then is it possible to handle this amount of data, most of it irrelevant?

Tag manager

FCP video tag has a very powerful keyword manager inside, the tag manager:

FCP Video Tag
FCP Video Tag

The tag manager is a powerful database that allows, with a relatively simple user interface, not only to add and remove keywords to be ignored, but also allows you to set rules for generating keywords based on other keywords.

Quick Ignore Tag

When transcribing an audio file or the audio track of a video file, you can open this window that presents all the words that have been searched, and in order of repetition:

In the left pane are all the tags found, and to improve with any tag, all you have to do is click on the cross icon next to it:

Immediately this tag disappears from the list of found tags and is inserted in the right pane which is the one of the tags that will be ignored from now on:

All keywords to be ignored will be removed immediately from the files being analyzed and in those that will be analyzed later.

Tag manager: ignore

This window shows the list of individual keywords for which one of the two following actions can be specified: Ignore or Trigger.

FCP Video Tag