Tutorial #1: Editing Your First Episode

Tutorial #2: Advanced Editing

Tutorial #3: Episodes and Show Metadata

Tutorial #4: Multi Tracks Editing

PODucer Tutorial 1: create your first episode

This tutorial will show you how the interface of the PODucer episode editor works

You’ll discover how to create a first episode, recording your own voice, adding jingles and background music, setting up meta data and finally exporting the episode in MP3 format.

PODucer Tutorial 2: Advanced Editing

In this tutorial we will explain in detail all the editing possibilities of PODucer, the keyboard shortcuts and how to manage assets, as well as the volume and keyframes.

PODucer Tutorial 3: Episode List and Show Metadata

In this tutorial we will show you the episode list and the show metadata.

PODucer Tutorial 4: Multiple Guest Tracks Syncing and Editing

In this tutorial we will use PODcleaner Pro to sync the multiple tracks and we will se how easy is to edit them together in the timeline.