The BeatMark X Control Panel

By clicking on the “Preferences” button in the main window, you can set BeatMark X settings.


Allows you to set which algorithm to use to find the markers.

MS algorithm

This is the basic algorithm, and is perfect for all songs whose tempo remains constant throughout the song.

BeatMark X will find the markers corresponding to all the beats (if the song is 4/4 then a beat every 1/4)

Technically speaking, all the beats are analyzed, then a search is made of the bpm of the song, and only the beats corresponding to the aforesaid tempo are marked as active.

Peak analysis algorithm

This is a more complex algorithm, which we recommend to use only if the results of the MS algorithm are not satisfactory.

This algorithm performs an analysis of the frequencies of the song, finding the points of discontinuity that correspond to the beats.

A “energy” value is defined for each instant in the song and only the markers with higher energy are displayed.

Parameters for Peak Analysis

Maximum number of beats per second

Once all beats are found, those with lower energy are filtered, in order to keep only those that exceed a certain threshold, and for which, on moving average, the number of beats corresponds to that indicated by this slider.

Default value is 3.5.

Increasing this value also increases the beats, decreasing it, decreases.

Minimum distance between beats

A minimum distance threshold is set between two consecutive beats, this allows you to filter beats too close to each other.

Markers Type

Here you can set the type of marker that will be added to the project in Final Cut Pro X: “traditional” (purple) or “to do” marker (orange)