Final Cut Extensions Bundle

The BeatGrade Bundle includes all the applications of our “Fincl Cut Bundle” except BeatMark 2.

This bundle includes three applications: FCPX AutoDuck, FCPX Diet and our next utility: FCPX Cut Finder.

This is a package for those who work everyday with Final Cut Pro X, with three applications designed to speed up the flow and lighten the load for video editing professionals.

FCPX Cut Finder

Automatic Edit/Cut detection for Final Cut Pro X

FCPX AutoDuck

Automatic Audio Ducking for Final Cut Pro X


Reduce the size of theFinal Cut Pro X libraries

FCPX SRT Importer

Import SRT subtitles files as titles in Final Cut Pro X

Purchased separately: € 20.46

Bundle purchase: € 15.99 (you save 22%)!

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