Ulti.Media Beatgrade Bundle

The BeatGrade Bundle includes all the applications of our “Power Bundle” except BeatMark 2.

It is intended for those who want a complete suite of tools that speed up the work in an effective, efficient and innovative way.

The suite includes FCPX AutoDuck, FCPX Diet, FCPX Cut Finder, Poweresize, PodCleaner Pro, Cleanterview, Smart Video Splitter, as well as dateUp!, Uppercaser and Seek And Replace utilities.

PoweResize Package

Resize, crop and reframe images using artificial intelligence

FCPX AutoDuck

Automatic Audio Ducking for Final Cut Pro X


Reduce the size of theFinal Cut Pro X libraries

PODcleaner Pro

The professional version of PODcleaner, with indecision (“uhm”) remover and multi-track syncing

A powerful tool to clean the audio track of your videos

FCPX Cut Finder

Automatic Edit/Cut detection for Final Cut Pro X

Smart Video Splitter

Intelligent Video Splitter for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat stories


Change text case in the upper bar

Tool for replacing old versions of files, pretty useful for After Effects renders or App development artworks

Purchased separately: € 48.90

Bundle purchase: € 29.99 (you save 39%)!

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