Subtitles Extractor

Subtitles Extractor

Subtitles Extractor allows you to extract subtitles from movies where they are “printed” (i.e. not on a separate track) and export them to SRT format.

How to use it

Extracting subtitles couldn’t be easier: create a new document and drag the video file you want to extract subtitles from into the large center area:

Select the area of the screen where the subtitles appear with the green rectangle:

Subtitles Extractor

Possibly choose a start point and an end point (if, for example, you want to skip start titles and end credits):

And finally press the “analyze” button:

Subtitles Extractor will examine the whole file very smartly, using artificial intelligence and computer vision, and create the subtitles.

Subtitles Extractor

All you have to do at this point is to hit the “export SRT” button.

Subtitles Extractor

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Subtitles Extractor has a price set at €19.99, but for the launch period the price, exceptionally, will be €9.99!



Image Filtering

Image Analysis


Subtitles Extractor makes use of an artificial intelligence model with computer vision to do text scanning.

Before passing the text to the artificial intelligence, however, it is possible (and advisable) to filter the image so as to optimize the separation of the text from the background.

Subtitles Extractor
Subtitles Extractor

Lots of parameters can be set to indicate how the image should be filtered and pre-processed.

Plus you can set lots of preferences for parsing the text and how it should be grouped.

But don’t worry, the default values are pretty much already OK for most situations!


Subtitles Extractor makes use of Machine Learning models for computer vision.

All processing is done locally; there is no data transfer to remote servers.

The processing time therefore depends on the length of the movie, the resolution of the frame, and the computing power of the computer.

On average, for a full HD movie on a MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro processor, the processing time is about 1-1.5 times the length of the movie (a 10-minute movie is processed in about 10-15 minutes).

Processing can always be stopped at any time, and by saving the current document, all the processing that has been done will not be lost, so you can always start the analysis again later.

System Requirements

Subtitles Extractor requires a Macintosh computer running macOS 11 or higher and runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

Try Subtitles Extractor

Subtitles Extractor has a price set at €19.99, but for the launch period the price, exceptionally, will be €9.99!

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