FCPX AutoDuck essentially does one thing, but it does very well: the automatic ducking, preparing files for Final Cut Pro X.

Imagine having these two files: speech, and the music we want to play in the background:

Drag the first file in the first box, and the second file in the second.

Rename the project name (by default it has the same name of the speaker file):

Hit “Duck” and wait some seconds…

FCPX AutoDuck creates another file with the extension FCPXML in the same folder as the speaker file.

Double click on this file, Final Cut Pro X will open and ask us in which library to insert this project.

Select the library or create a new one.

What you will get is a new project (a timeline), including the audio file of the speaker and the music one, and all the related key frames:

In this example, a 2 hours long speaker and music files were processed in 15 seconds on a 2012 MacBook Pro.