Introducing BeatMark X

BeatMark X is a very simple application, a tool to use with Final Cut Pro X, designed for those who have to do editing with the music.

How does it work?

Using BeatMark X is very simple: just drag the song that you want to analyze, set the number of frames per second for the project that you want to create, and then press the “BeatMark X” button.

BeatMark X produces an .FCPXML file in the same folder of the song.

In Final Cut Pro X, select the library where you want to create your project, simply import this file (File> Import> XML) and select the file with FCPXML extension.

Right after, Final Cut Pro X will present a project with the song and the markers placed in exact correspondence with the music beats.

Simple and effective!


Download BeatMark X


Only 3.99$ (for a limited period)

BeatMark X requires macOS 10.12 or new and it supports Final Cut Pro X version 10.3.x and 10.4.x

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