FCP Video Tag



FCP Video Tag generates keywords from videos, photos, and audio files to be used directly in Final Cut Pro.
Drag and drop assets: video, image and sound files onto the FCP Video Tag main window, press the button and wait.
FCP Video Tag uses a variety of artificial intelligence models to identify content and files.
Edit, add, delete and manage the keywords that have been identified.
Finally press the “export” button and drag the created file to Final Cut Pro.
Choose the library or create one from scratch, you will find all the media correctly imported with all the keywords.
FCP Video Tag identifies video and image content, recognizes the frame, scans text, transcribes audio (about 40 languages available) and adds meta data starting from the file path and creation date.
All file data that has already been scanned is saved and can be searched, selected and once again sent to Final Cut Pro.
FCP Video Tag generates keywords automatically based on the content of the media files.