FCPX AutoDuck

Automatic Ducking for Final Cut Pro X

I used to duck audio by hand. Sometimes it took me hours. Now just 5 seconds!

[Rick Untanee, editor]

What is “ducking”?

In ducking, the level of one audio signal is reduced by the presence of another signal.

What is FCPX AutoDuck?

FCPX AutoDuck does just this, for Final Cut Pro X timelines!

Is it easy?

FCPX AutoDuck is easy: just drag and drop and clic a button!

The workflow

Clic here to discover how easy and fast FCPX AutoDuck is!

Why FCPX AutoDuck is so powerful?

Basic software ducker

Standard software duckers which works in realtime lower and raise the volume of the music immediately, and the result is an annoying “step”.

Professional RT ducker

Professional duckers work in realtime, therefore the lowering and the raising of the volume take place after the beginning and the end of the speech.

FCPX AutoDuck

FCPX AutoDuck analyzes all the file: in this way the volume of the music starts to lower before the beginning of the voice, and the same happens when the speech ends.

Not only that: the duration of the final transient is longer than that of the initial one, for a softer and more natural listening.

How the settings work?

Purchase FCPX AutoDuck 1.0,

just $ 1.99 (during NAB 2018)

Download FCPX AutoDuck

Purchase a full and perpetual license for FCPX AutoDuck (for Mac)

FCPX AutoDuck requires macOS 10.12 Sierra

FCPX AutoDuck supports Final Cut Pro X version 10.3.x and 10.4.x

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Drag your file and hit a button: that’s it!

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