Disc Content AI

Instantly organize and retrieve hard disk files and media content with ease.


Unleash the power of Disc Content AI and take control of your media library like never before!

This innovative tool employs artificial intelligence to meticulously scan all your disks, effortlessly cataloging photos, videos, and music.

Simply connect your external or network hard drive to your Mac, select it within Disc Content AI, and initiate the scan.

Within moments, every file and folder is neatly organized, complete with details like size, modification date, and creation date.

But the magic doesn’t stop there – Disc Content AI enables lightning-fast searches by file name, date, city, colors, and more, even for disks not currently connected!

With features like semantic video search and customizable settings, it’s the ultimate solution for streamlining your workflow.

Learn how Disc Content AI can simplify your search for files, projects, content, on all your drives, even those that are not connected to the Mac:

With Disc Content AI, media scanning is a breeze, providing a thorough analysis of each file with detailed metadata.

The intuitive interface allows you to easily navigate through your media collection, viewing results in chronological order and accessing relevant metadata instantly.

Plus, with advanced search functionalities including semantic search and customizable filters, finding specific files has never been easier.

Discover the power of Disc Content AI media search

Note: Disc Content AI requires macOS 14.